About Us

Aims and Objectives

To work for the conservation, propagation, cultivation, research & development, marketing and other activities related to medicinal plants in the State.
Integration of Traditional Health and Medicine with Western Medicine in support of a culturally appropriate health care sector.
To look after the policy formulation, co- ordination with other related departments and agencies, ensuring sustained availability of medicinal plants and to co-ordinate all matters relating to their development and sustainable use in the State.
To assess the herbal wealth of the state, to identify species of medicinal plants getting extinct, endangered or over exploited and to prepare agro climatic atlas of Medicinal Plants.
To work for development of local awareness of the value of Medicinal Plants as well as the need for their conservation and bringing the benefits of Medicinal Plants to support local health care systems and livelihoods.
 To assess the demand and supply position of Medicinal Plants in the State.
To increase understanding of contemporary issues in sustainable Medicinal Plants management including Domestication, Propagation and Production, Assessment, Inventorisation and MIS Development, value addition, Marketing and Certification.
To encourage and assist Research & Development activities relating to Medicinal Plants in the State.
To provide information, technology and educate the common people to develop skills in identifying opportunities for encouraging local processing and enterprise development of increased local value for the Medicinal Plants in the State.
Standardization of the quality parameters of herbal drugs - meeting the export quality specification- Establishment of Quality Control Laboratory/ Drug Testing Laboratory.
To provide marketing facilities, tie-ups, buy-back arrangements and expertise to the growers of Medicinal Plant in the State and development of partnership between consumers (Herbal industries, Health Practitioners) and producers - Establishment of Market Information System- Registration of cultivators, traders, manufacturers and health practitioners.
To educate, encourage and assist people for value addition, processing and manufacture of Herbal Medicines, Cosmetics and other related by- products from the Medicinal Plants in the State.
To encourage the production and publication of literature on Medicinal Plants development and other activities in the State.
To draft and initiate schemes for training of local people on conservation and propagation of Medicinal Plants and encourage skills for self-employment through propagation, cultivation, agencies like women folk, DWACRA groups, Vana Samrakshana Samithis and Self Help Groups, other organizations in the State.
Inventorisation of the Medicinal Plants (MPs) in the forest areas of Telangana, qualification, threat assessment studies and developing the conservation measures for the RET (Rare, Endangered, Threatened) species.
Development of suitable framework of guidelines and action regarding Bioprospecting, IPR and benefit sharing to protect the indigenous knowledge and sustainable conservation of medicinal plants.
An active research front to give boost not only for genetic upgradation of the planting   propagules but also to pursue the drug validation programme.
 Legislation and policy governing Trade and Development of Medicines.
Economic evaluation of Traditional Medicinal Plants.
Generally to take up all such other matters and things as may appear to be identical to the interest of and attainment of the objectives of the Board.